Bosch MIC 1 repairs – keeping ‘Metal Mickey’ on guard

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Bosch MIC 1 repairs – keeping ‘Metal Mickey’ on guard

As the UK’s largest repairer of Bosch MIC 1 ‘Metal Mickey’ PTZ cameras, Maxey Moverley offers an unrivalled service for the repair and refurbishment of these mission-critical units.

Widely regarded as one of the most robust and effective cameras for hostile environments, the Bosch MIC1, formerly manufactured by Forward Vision, is ideally suited to vital strategic positions – meaning that when repairs are required, it is vital they are delivered cost-effectively, reliably and, above all, quickly.

At Maxey Moverley, we repair hundreds of Metal Mickey units every year.

Our 20,000 sq ft state-of-the-art UK technical support centre features dedicated Bosch repair cells working with specialist MIC1 repair and test rigs.

Cameras are repaired right down to component level, and we carry large stocks of dedicated MIC1 spare parts.

All of which means that our Bosch MIC1 repair service offers an unbeatable combination of:

  • Speed – slash turnaround times to an average of just five days
  • Value – significantly reduce the cost of repairs
  • Quality – enjoy high quality repairs from an ISO9000:2008 accredited specialist repair centre. 

Call today on 01567 522299 or email to find out how Maxey Moverley, the UK’s leader specialist in the repair of CCTV and security electronics, can transform the repair and refurbishment of your Bosch MIC1 units.



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