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Are your CCTV repairs going to Europe's leading repair centre?

When you send essential CCTV and security equipment in for repair, you want to know it’s going somewhere you can rely on.

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For many that means choosing a fully-accredited one-stop-shop repair facility, tailor-made for high quality electronics repair.

Inside you might expect to see:

 Dedicated repair cells for all major equipment types and manufacturers, each equipped with the latest diagnosis, test and repair equipment.

 A logistics team, a specialist parts department and an R&D section.

 A bespoke workshop management system to track repairs from start to finish and give you the updates you need, when you need them.

And surely you’d be entitled to expect the whole repair facility to be accredited to ISO9001:2008?

In short, you want your CCTV repair centre to be state of the art, not a right state.

Experience the difference at Maxey Moverley...

Maxey Moverley’s 20,000sq ft return-to-base and technical resource centre in Redditch is the largest dedicated facility of its kind in Europe.

We believe it’s not only the biggest, but the best - designed and built to provide the ultimate repair and refurbishment service for CCTV and security manufacturers, distributers, installers and maintainers.

But, as they say, seeing is believing.

So why not come and see for yourself?

If you’d like to see the Maxey Moverley difference first hand, call +44 (0)1527 522299 or email today to arrange your own personal tour.


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