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Maxey Moverley expands Baxall CCTV repair services
March 2008

Maxey Moverley CCTV Repairs has further consolidated its position as the UK's leading provider of repair and refurbishment services for Baxall CCTV and security electronics.

With the recent acquisition of a full range of original equipment, technical data and component stock from Baxall's repair centre, Maxey Moverley is now delivering repairs on Baxall equipment using original manufacturer parts and technical information.

The move also means that Maxey Moverley can provide a full repair and refurbishment service for Baxall cameras, DVRs, Multiplexers and Telemetry and Matrix controllers.

That includes CD, CDH, CDR, CDSP, DEX and ProDome camera ranges, as well as DVR, dome interface, switch, multiplexer, telemetry and associated equipment in the following ranges: MDAe, MDR, DAX, DTL, DVS, Pyramid, Destiny, ZKX, ZMX, ZR, and ZTX.

In a separate move, the AD Group - parent company of Dedicated Micros - has acquired the Baxall name and the ICE range of cameras.

To ensure Baxall customers enjoy the highest level of after-sales service across the complete product range, AD Group exclusively recommends Maxey Moverley CCTV Repairs for repair and after-sale work on all of Baxall's non 'ICE' equipment.

For Baxall service, simply send your faulty units to Maxey Moverley, or if you require further information, please call Ian Harrison or Steve Bedington on 01527 522299, or email us on

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