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  Maxey Moverley is the UK’s leading specialist in the repair and refurbishment of CCTV, electronic article surveillance and access control systems.

We provide a one-stop shop for all CCTV and electronic security repair requirements, with an unrivalled record of service and quality.

Everything we do is designed to help field service providers and equipment installers to improve their service and reduce operating costs.
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October 2009

Fight the downturn - think differently about your CCTV Repairs

Difficult market conditions call for new ways of thinking - and Maxey Moverley CCTV Repairs offers a range of services that can help redefine the way you think about the repair of your CCTV and security electronics.

With the recession creating difficult trading conditions, businesses are looking for new ways to do business - whether to drive down cost; find new customers; or build the quality services which will help them thrive when recovery comes.


Maxey Moverley's powerful model for CCTV and security electronics repair can help you achieve these goals, offering:


CCTV repair workshops


Repair not Replace

Our world-class workshop repairs make the 'repair not replace' mantra a reality, delivering significant cost and environmental benefits to your business and customers.


Service Improvement

You can pass on to your customers the benefits of using Europe's largest and best repair workshops - including accredited quality, reliability, rapid turnaround and outstanding customer service.


Specialist Expertise

We are CCTV repair specialists, with a service which is 100% focused on helping CCTV manufacturers, installers and field service providers to reduce operating costs and improve service. It's a focus which has seen us secure a wide range of manufacturer accreditations, and build a service which covers products by all the major manufacturers including:



So find out how Maxey Moverley can help you look again at your CCTV repair operations, call our Account Managers Ian Harrison or Steve Bedington on +44 (0)1527 522299, email us on, or visit


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